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Real Estate

Hello everyone!  

I just noticed that I haven't done a blog post in awhile, and that's because I've been busy!  Being busy is a good thing, but it brings challenges, especially in the real estate market.

This spring/summer I've been out and about sponsoring different events, like the PACA Girlfriends party and the Tides and Tunes Summer Concert Series at the Annapolis Maritime Museum.  I've brought along some of my mortgaging banking partners who have been out there with me.  If you've stopped by my booth, hopefully you've had a chance to talk with them.

And why is this important to you?  Because I'm here to help make buying or selling your home easy for you.  For the buyers, a big piece of that puzzle is paying for their home.  I've done all kinds of transactions that are financed with very different companies, from big national companies to our local mortgage companies.  One of the advantages of my having these local relationships is I can suggest a great lender for you.  One of the lenders I LOVE to work with will actually sit down with you, look at EVERYTHING you have, and suggest ways for you to make things better so you'll be in a better position to afford a home. I have several clients who are working on things like that. I have others that I know that if a client is looking for a home, and their dream home is just a stretch away from their numbers working, they will work with the buyers to be able to make that offer.  Maybe paying off a credit card (who knew that the $25 month minimum payment was all that was stopping them from affording it?) to consolidating some debt into a lower interest (and payment) loan. I don't just have one person I work with!  I have quite a few that have very different business styles.  Choices are a good thing!

Our inventory in Annapolis is still very low, so making sure you know how much you can afford before making an offer is important.  For houses that are hot and going to go fast, you may even have to bid above the asking price in order to get it.  A buyer that isn't really sure how much they can afford will not be successful in this market.

So if you're even thinking about purchasing a home and think you may need some help, please reach out to me.  I can put you in the right hands to work with you to make your dream come true! And even if you have a lender you'd like to use, I'd still give these local guys a call - they may just beat the rate you were given!  

So if you're out and about on Thursdays, swing by the Tides & Tunes concerts and say hi! I'll be glad to introduce you.