Have you checked your home insurance?

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I wanted to make sure I shared this wonderful information with you! 

As a realtor, I don't directly deal with my clients and their insurance needs. It usually means that you as the new homeowner call up your insurance agent and they give you a quote for your new homeowners policy.  That premium is usually paid for through your escrow account, sort of like a "set it and forget it" scenario.   And if you're lucky enough, that is the status quo and we never really think about our insurance, do we?

However, things that happen in our city affect how your homeowners insurance is calculated, believe it or not.  Every 5 years, the Insurance Services Office (ISO) comes out and inspects the fire department.  They are a national agency that provides underwriting and claim information for fire departments.

Depending on their inspection, they issue a rating called the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule.  A score of a 1 is the best, while a score of 10 is the worst.  Annapolis Fire Department on their last inspection in 2012 scored a 2.  At their 2017 inspection, they scored a 1!!  And you guessed it, the better the rating, the  better the insurance premiums are!  For a business, the better rating can save them up to 3% on their insurance, while a homeowner can expect to see a 1% savings.  

So it's worth a call to your insurance carrier to see that your annual premium reflects this discount.  Woo hoo for saving money! Thanks Annapolis Fire Department for doing such great work for our city!

I'm always here for your real estate questions and concerns. If you have insurance questions, please reach out to me, and I can put you in touch with someone who would be best able to answer it!